Become a zazuhōm Partner and start building long lasting relationships with you customers

zazuhōm helps you Build & Maintain strong end user relationships.

Knowing who uses your products and being able to speak to them directly, allows you to design and build better products, communicate more personally, and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.  At zazuhōm, we believe that the strongest factor in a consumer’s decision making process, is driven by recommendations from friends, family or credible advisors – people we trust. 

With the social marketing cacophony getting ever louder, and interruptive techniques getting weaker, the costs of customer acquisition continue to increase.  Delighting your existing customers not only increases their loyalty to your brands, and keeps them coming back to purchase from you, it also turns them into the strongest promoters of your brand in their own social circles. 

zazuhōm helps trigger / establish the relationship in the first place, by providing consumers with an effortless / simple way to capture and organize their new product purchases, and provide them with one convenient online dashboard, listing their home product inventory.  Here, they can find all their product details, including user manuals, receipts, warranty / guarantee expiration dates, and your customer service contact numbers. 

By joining the zazuhōm Partner Program, you can connect with your new consumers, and start building lasting and profitable relationships.


delight your customers


Product Registration

Use product registration to trigger the relationship

Use your Warranty as a Differentiator

Show your customers the value of your warranties 

Know your Customers

Get to know your customers’ preferences and behaviors’ through regular interaction 

Elevate Customer Satisfaction

Provide industry leading customer service with access to user manuals, how-to-videos, 1-click service calls, etc.

Drive post-purchase revenue

Provide easy to purchase recommendations, extended warranties / guarantees, and special offers

Do the Unexpected

Treat your registered customers to something special and see your loyalty rates go through the roof!

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